Update, Remodel, New construction, we have years of experience taking care of these needs. We have everything for your residential or commercial HVAC project. From entry level efficiency to high efficiency rebate qualified equipment, all custom to fit your needs and your budget. 


Maintenance: With regular maintenance you will prevent small problems from becoming big problems and ensure optimal performance of your cooling system. 

By having a professional HVAC technician clean and examine your cooling system yearly, you can rest easy knowing that your cooling system will be  performing as it should.

Allergy Issues

Media Filters

  You might think your air conditioning system will filter out all those nasty allergens from the air, but without the right air filters for allergies, you’ll still be sniffling and sneezing your way through the season.  While ordinary furnace and ac filters do help to remove some dust from the air, they do little to trap the microscopic particles that cause the sneezing and wheezing of allergy season. Media Filters capture particles as small as 1.0 micron, including pollen, dust, mold, and dander, which will help you breath easier. Works with most existing residential or commercial forced air heating or cooling systems. A lot of air filters are just placed inside the system loosely as the air is taken in, and still allow for some air and dust to seep through the unsecured parts of the filter. A media filter is placed firmly inside the system or media cabinet, often with countermeasures that ensure all air flowing in must pass through the media filter.  Media filters only have to be changed once every three months. Not only do media filters block more dust, allergens, and other pollutants from entering your system, but they also require less attention.


Air Conditioner/heat pump

   Air Conditioner- will keep your home cool and comfortable even on the hottest days - and use less energy doing it. Experience what total home comfort can feel like today.  

Heat pumps-  heat and cool your home - making them a more energy efficient system in many ways. See if one’s right for you.

Crabtree Heating can help you find your best budget friendly cooling system. You can choose from our entry level, standard level, or high efficient level of seer rating air conditioning or heat pump unit. Let us help you find what best fits your budget, and your home or business needs.



Our American Standard Models are user friendly and Ameren & Spire Rebate ready. They can be used with home automation settings. Also have the same function as a traditional thermostat as they allow the user to control the temperature of their home throughout the day using a schedule, while at home are away.  Using features, such as  WiFi connectivity allowing users to adjust heating settings remotely using your smartphone, or laptop. This ease of use is essential for ensuring energy savings. 

Commercial Cooling

Commercial buildings all have there own personaity and needs, and because of our many years of experience we have been exposed to sevral different types 

Give us a call to see if we have a solution that you need.